Tracy Hoobyar

Tracy is a certified Master and Health practitioner who has been using the tools and strategies taught in NLP for more than 15 years. She is the proud mother of 2 now adult children (still trying to process that one), a business owner, volunteer, active community member and pet owner.  She is most passionate about helping people live sane and productive lives through learning about themselves and their patterns.  Tracy's magic lies in incorporating NLP into everyday lives and improving relationships, experiences and communications in natural and powerful ways.

In this one hour online workshop you will discover:

  • The key to keeping your resolutions once and for all
  • The missing piece to goal setting that is keeping you stuck 
  • How to set a goal that will get your subconscious working for you while you sleep
  • Get a tool to keep you on track to reaching your goals
  • The inner games we play that keep you living in mediocrity
  • How to get all parts of you to buy in to your goals and resolutions
  • What you can do to virtually guarantee your success